Saturday, February 16, 2008

Position Reports of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) in Recent Weeks

The the great unwashed helping of furniture contains an overview of no. published case reports of adverse drug reactions identified in the internationalliterature in recent weeks.
Any call to a ‘first report’ is verified by a database research of previous committal to writing.
Drug and ADR ReferenceAtorvastatin: cognitive debasement in an elderly patientKing DS, Decorator DW, Wofford et al.
Cognitive scathe associated with atorvastatin.
Pharmacother 2001 Mar; 21: 371Brimonidine: coma in a neonate (serious)Berlin RJ, Lee UT, Samples JR et al.
Ophthalmic drops causingcoma in an infant.
J Pediatr Mar 2001; 138: 441-443
Finasteride: acute pancreatitis (serious)Lin Y-H, Perng C-L, Lin H-J et al.
Acute pancreatitis possibly relatedto cheap online propecia.
J Clin Gastroent Mar 2001; 32: 276Fosinopril: cholestatic indication and pruritus (serious)Nunes ACR, Amaro P, Ma
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