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February 9, 2007: In the News

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February 9, 2007: In the News

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Clomiphene Best for PCOS Infertility Clomiphene, one of the oldest treatments for a common cause of infertility, is still the best treatment, according to findings from a study that experts say will have a major impact on clinical practice.

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Autism Rate Higher Than Thought A new comprehensive federal report finds autism disorders are more common than previously known. One in 150 children is estimated to be affected by the condition. Previous estimates had put the incidence rate at somewhere between 1 in 166 children and 1 in 175. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report analyzed data from 2000 to 2002 using a multi-state network of 8-year-olds identified as having autism, PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified), and Asperger's disorder. As Reported by USA TodayStudy Raises Hope for Rett Syndrome Cure A new experiment has erased symptoms of Rett syndrome in genetically engineered mice, according to research published in the journal Science. The findings challenge the long-held belief that the brain damage from Rett syndrome was irreversible. Scientists warned that while the test showed a reversal of symptoms in mice, it could be many years before an actual therapy is developed for humans. As Reported by Fox NewsBreast-Feeding Enhances Kids' Eyesight According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, breast-fed children are more likely to do well in measures of stereoscopic vision compared to those that received formula during infancy. A higher concentration of the fatty acid docosahexaenoic (DHA) in breast milk has been proposed as a possible explanation for this boost in vision. As Reported by ABC NewsDoctors Don't Always Share All Therapies: Poll A survey of over a thousand U.S. doctors reveals than many physicians do not feel morally obliged to tell patients about medical options they oppose morally, such as abortion and teen birth control. The study found 86% of respondents believe doctors are obliged to present all treatment options, and 71% believe they must refer patients to other doctors for treatments they oppose. Female doctors were far more likely than male doctors to feel an obligation to refer patients. As Reported by CNN

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